rides in the storm - from producer to musician

Rides in the Storm offers sounds, patterns, samples and soon electronic instruments plus accessories from different designers.

His focus is to offer fresh and useable sounds&patterns for studio musicians in the electronic scene.

In detail there are Drum Patterns for MFB Tanzbär, Tanzbär 2, Tanzmaus and Tanzbär Lite.

Soundbanks for MFB Dominion 1, DSI Prophet 12 & SCI 6, Clavia Nordlead A1, Roland SE-02 & AIRA System 1, Korg Minilogue & Prologue 8/16, Novation Peak/Summit, Modal Argon8, Yamaha Montage, ASM Hydrasynth and Behringer Deepmind 12.

All sounds are hearable here and at Soundcloud. An extra Youtube channel will be released soon with comparison and live sessions.

Custom Sample Packs made with Fieldrecording,  Acoustic and Electric Instruments,  Standalone and Modular Synthesizer are in production and available soon.

This content is growing steadily so its worth to have a look from time to time. Please leave a feedback and let me know if anything is missing!

Sincerly, uwe george aka yapacc  https://www.facebook.com/yapacc/