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FEG Loopable ADSR Envelope Generator


Very exponential “snappy” course and rounded

Edges for a compressed “bonky” sound

Two time zones are offered (times from 0,2ms to 30s)

Remote control via CV of two time zones

Loopzone from Attack to Release

One shot mode for trigger signals

Jumper at the back for reset mode

Manual Trigger button

Normal and Inverse Output

Power consumption: +30mA/-20mA

Rackspace: 4HP

Depth: 25mm

MANUAL https://rides-in-the-storm.de/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/manual_FEG.pdf

MRSP € 60 on stock

You can get Rides In The Storm modules at selected shops (have a look at DEALERS) and directly from me.

Just msg to info add rides-in-the-storm dot de

1 review for FEG

  1. thefish

    Superb envelope generaor for the price.
    I have two for couple of months, One FEG controls filter envelope, second is oscillator level.
    Loop fuction allows to have constant yummy trancey filter sweeps, controlled by S&H voltage in f/s 1v patchpoint.
    If you put on the jumper on reverse side of module, it becomes almost a Javelin with envelope reset.

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