Rides in the Storm





EKS  High End Bucked Brigade Delay

Analog Delay up to 1000ms

Low Noise/-Distortion circuit and Noise Supressor

Enhanced Frequence Range because of the use of 16 BBD ICs

Mono- and Stereo Algorithms

CV INs for Delay, Feedback and Mix

Positive and negative Feedback

Oled Display

Program Store for Time, Feedback and Algorithm

Clock IN for BPM quantization

Send and Return Insert

Low Noise/-Distortion two band Equalizer

Bypass IN jack

Power consumption: tba

Rackspace: 8HP


MRSP 249€ – available end of 2022

maybe price and design will change

You can get Rides In The Storm modules at selected shops (have a look at DEALERS) and directly from me.

Just msg to info add rides-in-the-storm dot de


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