Rides in the Storm





DMO  Voltage controlled Dual Modulator

Dual LFO with crossmodulation



CV IN for SPEED, Xmod and Crossfade Waves

Power consumption: +/- 120mA

Rackspace: 8HP


MRSP 129€ – available august 22

You can get Rides In The Storm modules at selected shops (have a look at DEALERS) and directly from me.

Just msg to info add rides-in-the-storm dot de

More detailed  *

DMO has 2 wave outputs: OUT A and OUT B, located at the bottom of the module. These outputs produce bipolar oscillations at speeds that go from very slow (LFO) to very high (VCO). The speed is set by the SPEED knob and can be controlled with CV (1V/oct) by using the according inputs.
One can reset (hard sync) both waves independently by patching a signal to the reset inputs. Usually a gate or trigger is used for resetting LFOs – square or pulse waves can be  used for audio rate sync. In this case either or both the waves from DMO act as slave oscillators.
Selecting the waveshape (saw – triangle – ramp) is done by turning the WAVE knob. Alternatively, when the PW buttons are pressed down, a pulse wave is generated and the knob sets the pulse width. The function of this knob can be controlled with CV by patching a signal to the WAVE CV INPUTS. This signal will either control the waveshape or the pulse width.
The two sides of DMO are mirror images of each other in all regards except for WAVE A being able to produce a stepped random wave (sample and hold) while WAVE B can output a sine wave. One needs to press the according button for this feature to become available.
The most exciting and novel feature of DMO is its ability to process cross-modulation. By turning the XMOD knobs to the right, one introduces FM modulation from the other half of the module into the signal flow. Internally a triangle is generated to be used as a modulator. The amount of this FM modulation can be controlled with CV by connecting a signal (AC or DC) to the XMOD inputs.

* written by BRIES


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