Rides in the Storm





CON Quad Gain Converter (Normal and High)


Two channels from line level to modular level and

two channels from modular level to line level. Very low noise and

low distortion circuit while preserving the transients.

Two versions: Normal and High

gain stage is 5,29 and 14,46 dB for Normal and 11 and +20,8dB for High

attenuator stage is -4,55 und -13,16 dB for Normal and High

Normal version is cool for line signals, humbucker guitars, synths with powerful output.

High version is cool for line signals with volume control, single coil guitars, synths with low output.

Power consumption: +/- 10mA

Rackspace: 2HP

manual CON

MRSP: 60€ – on stock

You can get Rides In The Storm modules at selected shops (have a look at DEALERS) and directly from me.

Just msg to info add rides-in-the-storm dot de


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