rides in the storm - from artists for artists

“rides in the storm” offers sounds from different artists for many hardware and software instruments. the focus is to offer fresh and useable sounds&patterns for studio musicians in the electronic scene.

In detail there are Drum Patterns for MFB Tanzbär, Tanzbär 2, Tanzmaus, Tanzbär Lite and Roland TR 8-S.

Soundbanks for Dominion 1, DSI Prophet 12 & SCI 6, Clavia Nordlead A1, AIRA System 1, Korg Minilogue, Prologue 8/16, Novation Peak, Yamaha Montage and Behringer Deepmind 12.

Custom Sample Packs with Samples, Loops & Presets for Elektron Digitakt, Volca Sample, MFB Tanzmaus and Tanzbär 2 are carefully made by our Sounddesigner Team and will be available soon.